Barbecue Grill Outdoor

Folding Size: 42.5cm*21.5cm*2.0cm

Expanding Size: 42.5cm*21.5cm*15cm

Weight: 2.6kg

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Barbecue grill outdoor


Please pay attention:

When having the BBQ

1. The charcoal stove, the weight of charcoal to moderate. Charcoal if too many, will produce a high temperature and high fever, is not conducive to barbecue operation. The other high-temperature high fever may cause barbecue fire accessories hot deformation, causes the damage of burn oven. In general, the area of the charcoal should be controlled within the roast 80% of the area of the basin, height is less than the height of the baking net.

2. The grilled food shall not exceed the normal load of the grill and the grilling net, otherwise, the grilling net may fall, cause deformation and cause danger.

3. Do not add liquid combustibles or sprays to the charcoal fire during use

After the BBQ

1. Remove charcoal ash, the oven to wipe, which can be used to clean the basin and mesh with clean water and brush.

2. Dry the oven with a clean dry cloth

3, the baking net coated with oil

4. Put the oven in a ventilated/dry place/cover the oven cover

A lot of different types to meet different needs. 


Our BBQ oven has got the patent certificate of 6 countries and many Industrial Design Award.

Barbecue is a relatively free way, because everyone's taste is not the same, so the barbecue baked things are selected according to personal taste. But the choice of things or laws to follow, in general, as barbecue things are similar. There are many things to bake, nothing is impossible, only you can't think of.

What materials could be barbecued?

1. Meat: mutton, chicken legs, chicken wings, tenderloin, ham sausage, fish balls, beef balls, duck wings, chicken pieces, chicken fillet, chicken steak, crab fillet, pork, toothpick meat, bacon, etc

2. Seafood: squid, shrimp, kelp, cuttlefish, hairy crab, swordfish, oysters, etc

3. Vegetables: eggplant, corn, cabbage, leek, green pepper, lettuce, broccoli, mushroom, onion, potato, sweet potato, cucumber, garlic, etc

4. Bean products: potato powder, dried bean curd, tofu, etc

5. Fruits: bananas, pineapples, apples, etc

Eggs: eggs, quail eggs, etc

7. Others: chestnuts, toast, steamed buns, etc.


1. Thick, durable, the appearance of the use of how long as new, of course, the internal charcoal basin grill net exception.

2. The oven cavity is large, the heat cycle is uniform, such a hot environment under the food cooked quickly, not easy to scorch, and more delicious.

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