Barbecue Grill Size

Folding Size: 21.4cm* 16.6cm*2.0cm

Expanding Size: 21.4cm* 16.6cm*17cm

Weight: 1.2kg

Product Details

Barbecue grills


This barbecue grill could be set apart into many pieces!

We have designed the card slot in the removable part of the barbecue rack, which will not fall off during use and is safe and reliable. After use, disassemble according to the position of the card slot.


How to clean the barbecue grill after a BBQ?

The smeary or carbon scale of convenient barbecue rack can use to divide oily cleaner to aim to want a clean place to spray directly, after waiting for a few minutes, reoccupy wet cloth or paper towel can purify smeary easily. Or bubble with vinegar first, brush with steel wire brush again go, also go with steel wire ball.

1. Disassemble the barbecue rack according to the location of the card slot, add hot water, and let it soak the parts of the barbecue rack.

2. Add half a cup of dishwashing liquid, then stir a little to spread it out. If it is powder, stir until it dissolves completely. Just sit there, soak the grill for hours, even overnight.

3, after soaking, grime on the grill are loose, this time with a brush or sponge to scrub, it is quite simple.

4. After scrubbing, rinse thoroughly with clean water, dry and air dry, assemble and fold, and put into the bag, which saves space and is easy to receive.


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