Barbecue Oven

Folding Size: 32.5cm* 32.5 cm *2.0cm

Expanding Size: 32.5cm*32.5 cm*15cm

Weight: 3.0kg

Product Details

Barbecue oven


Specification Sheet


Thickness(+   -0.03mm)


Charcoal   Board

201 steel plate



Other   Board

201 steel plate



Grilling   Net

Food grade 304 steel wire


Grid of 12mm

Frame of   grilling net

Food grade 304



Fillet of   grilling net

Food grade 304



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Video link of the ash board:

The ash will not fall on the grass because of the ash board. 

Fuel: charcoal, branch…


In recent years, the development of various new types of barbecue stoves has become more convenient and environmentally friendly. Bring friends in the leisure time, put the grill in the trunk of the car, chat in the wild, enjoy the barbecue while enjoying the fun of the barbecue, and ease the hard work of going to work. Yu, and add highlights to his life, is a new product that can improve people's quality of life. However, we found that the traditional grill is large in size, heavy in weight, unadjustable in size, difficult to carry, and cumbersome to assemble. To solve these problems, we conducted in-depth research and developed a portable collapsible grill. A good solution to the above-mentioned problems, and provide different models to meet the needs of different groups of people.

QCSEIKO oven breaks the original thought, innovates, increases the utilization rate of each part, greatly reduces the size of the oven, is very easy to carry, and easy to assemble, transportation cost is greatly reduced, storage space is small, easy to use.

Function introduction

The foldable grill is composed of stainless steel plates, and the carbon plate with three-dimensional ventilation is set below to keep the fire burning continuously. The whole grill realizes the foldable function for many times. And the oven material can be customized according to customer requirements.

How to choose a barbecue oven?

Barbecue has gradually become a favorite way of leisure, especially outdoor barbecue, has become more and more people's choice of outdoor entertainment. At present, there are two kinds of barbecue ovens in the market, one is the whole welding, large volume, inconvenient to carry; Another kind is foldable type, by contrast, can save space to a certain extent, but there are problems such as disassembly difficulty, cleaning inconvenience.

Consider whether the grill is portable. Outdoor barbecue oven is our own items, so the purchase of the best to take into account this aspect of the problem, can be convenient for us to carry, this can bring us a lot of conveniences, here it is recommended that the best is to choose the folding type of barbecue oven.

Choose according to the size of the oven. Some people believe that the smaller the portable, the better, but also need to take into account the number of barbecue factors, so you can choose according to the number of barbecues each time to determine the size of the barbecue oven so that everyone can eat delicious barbecue.

Daily oven maintenance:

1, keep the oven clean, do not have leftover food or charcoal ash \ grease

2. Place the oven in a ventilated and dry place

3. Don't press heavy things on the grill

4. Baking net can be coated with a layer of cooking oil to prevent rust

After the barbecue

1, such as natural extinguishing the fire (charcoal furnace), the temperature of the oven down to normal temperature, remove carbon ash, the oven to wipe with water and clean brush cleaning

2. Dry the oven with a clean dry cloth

3, the baking net coated with oil

4. Place the oven in a ventilated and dry place

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