Charcoal Barbecue With Oven

Folding Size: 42.5cm*21.5cm*2.0cm

Expanding Size: 42.5cm*21.5cm*15cm

Weight: 2.6kg

Product Details

Charcoal barbecue with oven


Watch this video of the grill 

Setting picture


About us

We are committed to promoting high-quality ovens to various countries, participate in domestic exhibitions, and promote and publicize ovens. Our ovens are exported to Japan, Korea, USA, Australia, Argentina, UK, Germany, and Brazil. We are committed to providing consumers with fashionable, durable and healthy barbecue utensils.

At present, our products have been patented in 4 countries, and we are still applying for them.

At home and abroad, this kind of oven successively won the design awards and has a high reputation in the oven products.

Features: Quick folding, lightweight, no space, easy to clean and easy to carry.

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