Barbeque Grill For Camping

Folding Size: 42.5cm*21.5cm*2.0cm
Expanding Size: 42.5cm*21.5cm*15cm
Weight: 2.6kg

Product Details

【Folding Size】42.5cm*21.5cm*2.0cm

【Expanding Size】42.5cm*21.5cm*15cm


【Fuel】Charcoal, branch, dried firewood and so on. 


【Thickness after folding】2 cm

【Material】Stainless steel

【Grilling net】Food grade 304



Easy to operate, multiple functions: can roast skewers, Fried meat, eat hot pot, can also put the table to eat Chinese food; It is not greasy, and the taste of charcoal barbecue makes the food crisp and tender, soft and delicious.

Simple and fast, time and labor saving, low cost, easy to remove. Simple installation, easy to use, according to the needs of any movement.

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