Charcoal Fire Portable Bbq Grill

Charcoal fire portable bbq grill has great design and could be folded within one minute, it is very convenient and safe for the family barbecue and the party.

Product Details

Charcoal fire portable bbq grill-QCSEIKO folding grill


● Folding Size:  21.4cm* 16.6cm*2.0cm

● Expand Size:   21.4cm* 16.6cm*17cm

● Weight:  1.15kg

● Suitable for: 1-2 people

● Applicable :Camping , Party , Courtyard , Gazebo



● If you are an outdoorsman, this is good for you. It will not take a large room of your package. And it is light, you could carry it everywhere.

● If you are the couples, you could have the barbecue in the yard to enjoy the sweet time. 

● If you like camping, just put it in the trunk of the car, and you could make the bbq at any time.

● If you do not like cleaning the grill after bbq, this one is suitable. Because it has the charcoal fire board to carry the ash, after the barbecue, just throw the ash and fold it.

● If you live in a small house, you could try this one. After folding, it just looks like a book and it will not take a large room. 


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