Light Barbecue Grill

Portable bbq grill, after folding, it just like a book in your bag! Come and get it!!

Product Details

Easy carry and super light barbecue grill barbecue oven bbq grill for camping hiking climbing

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【Folding Size】:  42.5cm*21.5cm*2.0cm

【Expand Size】:  42.5cm*21.5cm*15cm

【Weight】:  2.6kg

Suitable for】:  4-6 people

Applicable 】:  Camping , Party , Courtyard , Gazebo






【Super portable】: You could carry the grill everywhere, it will help you to save time and room.

【Safe】: The corners are polished by hand for safety. Also, it has no chemical spray so it does no harm to human body.

【Easy cleaning】: It is very easy to clean the barbecue grill and just set apart every piece and brush it.

【Quality garuantee】: We promise that if there is any quality questions of the products, we will afford it for you and help you to solve the problem.

【Professional after-sale service】: After getting the grill, if you have any questions about the using of it, just contact us any time and we will cooperate with you ASAP.

The process of separating:


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