Mini Barbecue Grill

Size: 21.4 cm*16.6 cm* 11.5 cm

Weight: 1.2kg

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Mini model


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Working Dimensions

Storage Dimensions


Mini model





Processing technology

1) Full welding for 4 corners of the furnace border, sanding treatment for three times, four corners on the side is dealt with spot welding and lighting.

2) The edge of the steel plate is polished carefully.

The packing

cloth bag - 副本

Other color and material of the bag could be customized.

How small it is?


For Consumers

1. What can I grill with QCSEICO?

Almost anything you can think of, fruits, veggies, all meat on sticks, rolls or wraps.

The grate is made of food-grade stainless steel. You can have peace of mind when cooking all the food material. The charcoal BBQ will add amazing tastes to your food.

2. How to clean and maintain QCSEICO?

Moderate care is essentially a longer lifespan. Cleaning up before grilling use a wire brush or cloth. Keep the grates clean thoroughly without any grease or carbon remaining. Clean the stove body after every use.

3. How long will QCSEICO last?

QCSEICO are made of strong stainless steel and will provide years of great grilling with moderate care and proper use.

4. What fuel do I use in QCSEICO?

Charcoal, wood, wood chips, or briquette. Adjust the amount of fuel or the distance between the grate and fuel source, for higher or lower temperatures.

Use charcoal for a great tasting reward!

5. How do I add charcoal?

Carefully take away the grate and add charcoal directly to the charcoal tray.

6. Why is my food sticking to QCSEICO?

There may be many reasons why the food sticks. Simple rules keep the grate hot and keep the grate clean. Oil the food rather than the grate, and use oil or fats with high smoking points to avoid the oil become carbonized.


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