OEM Creative Folding BBQ Grill

Mini barbecue grill, suitable for outdoor activities and party. Super portable and easy carry.

Product Details

Basic Info

Model NO.: Camping model

Character: Durable and super mini

Material: Stainless Steel

HS Code: 7321190000

Product Description


The use of barbecue oven is more and more extensive, often used at home dinner, market electric barbecue oven brand type is very much, the size of the power, the number of people applicable, the size of the size of the furnace body, a variety of, a variety of, dazzling, so how should we choose electric barbecue oven?

First, according to the number of users to choose.

Electric barbecue oven will indicate the applicable number of people, generally divided into 2-3 people, 3-5 people, 6-8 people, more than 8 people. Let's say we're going to have a party of friends, so we should choose the lowest number of people that are applicable, for example, if you are going to have a party of 5 people, then 6-8 people should be applicable. Unified household small makeup and everyone explains, because 3-5 people are assumed to use up to 5 people, so in accordance with the specific situation, we should choose 6-8 people applicable, so as to prevent not enough to eat, barbecue too slow.


Second, according to the material selection.

The material of the barbecue oven on the market is varied, and the price is differ, need not buy expensive, but the service life of the barbecue oven that iron makes is not very long certainly, because this recommends to choose what kind of stainless steel, compare iron to make more sturdy and durable, and rust not easily.

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