About Us

We are a professional grill designer and manufacturer, located in China, Shenyang. We have our own production line, equipped with numerical controlled high precision processing machines and laser cutters. The company has a core team of more than 30 people including designers and technical crafts personals. Our grill is an eye-catcher in each international trading exhibitions and fairs that we attended. The product has been exported or wholesaled to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Australia, Argentina, UK, Germany, and Brazil.

We have been working tirelessly to provide consumers with stylish, durable, and healthy barbecue appliances.

For Consumers

What can I grill with QCSEICO?

Almost anything you can think of, fruits, vegies, all meat on sticks, rolls or wraps.

The grate is made of food-grade stainless steel. You can have a peace of mind when cooking all food material. The charcoal BBQ will add amazing tastes to your food.

How to clean and maintain QCSEICO?

Moderate care is essentially a longer life span. Cleaning up before grilling use a wire brush or cloth. Keep the grates clean thoroughly without any grease or carbon remaining. Clean the stove body after every use.

How long will QCSEICO last?

QCSEICO are made of strong stainless steel and will provide years of grate grilling with moderate care and proper use.

What fuel do I use in QCSEICO?

Charcoal, wood, wood chips, or briquette. Adjust the amount of fuel or the distance between the grate and fuel source, for higher or lower temperatures.

Use charcoal for a great tasting reward!

How do I add charcoal?

Carefully take away the grate and add charcoal directly to the charcoal tray.

Why is my food sticking to QCSEICO?

There may be many reasons why the food sticks. Simple rules are keep the grate hot and keep the grate clean. Oil the food rather than the grate, and use oil or fats with high smoking points to avoid the oil become carbonized.

For Wholesalers
Can I visit your company?
Yes, you’ll be warmly welcomed. Kindly let us know your business schedule in advance, we will prepare for the coming meeting, and we will pick you up in Shenyang Taoxian Airport.

Does your company attend any exhibitions?
Yes, we attend major China Trading Exhibitions and Fairs. We’ll update our activity through our website.

Where do you sell your products?
Generally, you could find our product via Amazon or local B2C platforms. We also promote our products in Exhibitions and Fairs. Now we have experienced export experts to send our products to your country.

What is your MOQ?
Normally MOQ of QCSEICO grill is 200pcs, MOQ for OEM project is 1000pc.

Payment terms?
We accept container order based on all China Ports. Payments by T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal are all accepted.

What is your material?
The grate is made of food grade stainless steel, and the stove body is made of brushed stainless steel.

Where can you put my logo?
We can put your logo on the side of stove body, and storage bag. We can also print logo on individual product box and carton box.

Can you do OEM/ODM for me?
Yes, we usually accept OEM/ODM order with 1000 pcs minimum. Contact us for the cost, schedule, production and shipping details.

What is the guarantee if I buy your products?
We have complete and stringent QC system, to give our customers the assurance of great quality and workmanship. Should any problem with product arise in future, please let us know and we will review the complete production and sales process. You will be compensated accordingly for your lost. You can contact us any time.

How long is your production time?
2-3 weeks for MOQ 200pc after we receive your deposit. 4 weeks for 1000pc. All the accessories that come along with the grill, including packages and storage bags, will be ready by the time.

For OEM/ODM service, we will talk through the design details first before we make some real samples for a better illustration. The production time will be the same as usual.

What is your shipping ways and delivery time?
Normally Grills are shipped by sea and takes about 5 -20 working day usually.
Express (DHL ,Fedex etc.) and air freight are available for sample.