Barbecue grill tips

- Jun 13, 2018-

Many people have eaten barbecues. Various types of barbecues are inseparable from the help of tools. One of them is a barbecue rack. Unlike the cooking stoves, barbecue grills have a variety of designs for different barbecues. Ways, have different shapes, such as Korean barbecue is flat-panel type, without direct contact with the open flame grilling, both from the barbecue way or design are very good, but the barbecue should pay attention to what usually, how can we make barbecue To achieve maximum efficiency, these all require professional barbecue training. Today, Taoli cooking in Guizhou has come to share the skills of using barbecue grills. I hope everyone can get help.

When grilling, if charcoal is used as heat energy, first of all, it's better not to use too much serving. If it is too high, the grill will be deformed or damaged. Generally speaking, if it is charcoal The area should be controlled within 80% of the baking basin area. If it is an electric furnace or gas stove, it can't be placed in the top gear for a long time. If the barbecued food exceeds the load of the grill, It may be deformed and easily lead to danger, and liquid combustion aids cannot be used during use.

Before the use of the barbecue grill, a series of treatments is also particularly important. The first step is of course to clean the crumbs on the grill first, and then tighten all the screws. During the grilling process, the grill will deform due to heat, if during the installation process Incorrect and solid shelves, barbecue grills can not be used because of deformation, which may affect the effect of barbecue, then you can choose to apply a layer of cooking oil on the grill, so you can prevent the ingredients stick to the grill, and It will be easier to clean up later, and these techniques can all be learned in barbecue training.


The most common feature of barbecue grills is that they can barbecue food. Nowadays, more and more designs allow for more comprehensive functions. They can be used not only for home use but also for commercial use. They are also very simple to use. What's more, people who have barbecue training experience are delicious, directly put the carbon in the middle of the barbecue grill, you can put meat or vegetables directly on the barbecue, and you can bake it in a short time. Satisfying barbecue food, of course, this can not be separated from the credit of the barbecue. 


After the barbecue is finished, be sure to wait for the charcoal fire to extinguish. When the temperature of the grill falls to room temperature, you can remove the char in the grill and wipe the grill. The roasting pot and roasting net can be cleaned with clean water and clean. Brush for cleaning, barbecue grills need to use a clean dry cloth to dry, and then apply a layer of cooking oil to the grill, then place the barbecue in a ventilated, dry place, and finally cover the grill to avoid falling Whitewashed.

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