How to choose a barbecue grill

- Jan 04, 2019-

Want to go outdoor barbecue, choose the right oven was the first step, how to choose?So let's keep going.

1: Determine the type of oven according to the number of people

Common oven is mini oven, family USES oven, party USES oven, apply to 2 people respectively, 4-6 people, 6-8 people, if it is sweetheart goes out, a cabinet and chic mini oven is enough, but if it is big help person goes out barbecue, that is about to choose the oven that designs specially for the friend party (apply to 6-8 people).

2: Look at the material of the oven

The material of oven is very much, common is cast iron furnace, stainless steel furnace, cold rolled sheet steel 3 kinds, the characteristic of stainless steel oven is apparent, weight cleanness easily

3: Fuel is also one of the issues to be considered

Charcoal, gas and electricity are the three main fuels for the oven. How to choose them depends on your usage habits.

If the barbecue is indoors or at home, then you can choose electric oven, if outdoors, electricity is not so convenient, you have to choose between charcoal and gas oven.

Speaking of the most widely used, nature is the use of charcoal oven.One of the best things about charcoal roasting is that you can add herbs, wood chips or other spices to make the smoke smell good and make the food taste better.

4. Combustion efficiency is a very important index

Because it has to do with charcoal and how fast food is cooked.Ovens are usually designed to be trapezoidal in shape, narrow at the bottom and wide at the top, so that the charcoal or heat can move up sufficiently.In addition, good ovens have air vents designed to replenish oxygen during combustion. Of course, if you choose an oven with a freely adjustable damper, that is the best. You can control the fire according to the actual situation.

5: The best disassembly and assembly is convenient, stable and durable, easy to clean

Have design of a few oven complex, tear open outfit difficulty not only, also bring difficulty for cleaning, because this wants to be bought, polish an eye when buying, must choose tear open outfit convenient, firm and durable, the oven that cleans easily.


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