Matters needing attention in the outdoor BBQ

- Jun 13, 2018-

Choose open open barbecue. Do not have shrubs or too many trees around the venue. Do not have inflammable materials around the fire vent. Do not barbecue in closed space, easy carbon monoxide poisoning. When barbecuing, people do not stand at the bottom of the draught, and when they smoke, Mars will easily burn people.

Charcoal and mechanism carbon is not easy to ignite. If you are a green hand, you can use the spray gun for outdoor use, about tens of dollars. But carbon piles can also be stacked with combustion improver, and the carbon will burn itself out and then spread out. If conditions permit, it is better to ignite a bonfire and place the carbon in the fire. After the carbon is completely burned, remove it and put it into the barbecue oven. If you use a bonfire to lead the carbon, don't forget to bring a soldier's shovel.  Carbon dioxide should be paved evenly to ensure uniform firepower. Don't bake quickly after burning. First roast the net. When the carbon is completely red, it will burn completely before baking.


Before barbecue, brush the oil on the grill to avoid sticking food on the rack. Wash the residue on the grill with iron and keep the grill clean. This will not affect the taste of the food.

The use of oil in the process of barbecue is very important, and the meat that just roasted do not rush to brush oil first, wait for the heat of the food, and then brush the oil, and try to avoid dropping the oil into the carbon fire.  Other foods can be baked when the oil is used. Do not brush too much oil. After washing, do not dripping oil as the standard. During the roasting process, try to avoid oil dropping in the barbecue oven.

When the meat string is placed, try to swing to the middle of the stove. During the roasting process, the position of the meat string should be changed to ensure that the whole string of meat is baked at the same time. Chicken wings are very suitable for barbecue food, easy to cook, and high fat content of the skin, and it tastes delicious. When baking, pay attention to the big head is not easy to be cooked, should be placed in the fire concentration. Chicken is not easy to roast, cut into small pieces, or roasted and cooked, and tastes delicious. The direct barbecue of corn is not easy to roast evenly. It can be cooked like chicken. Fish clips are best used when grilled fish.

A thin piece of meat can be cooked in about 3 minutes, and it should not be baked for too long. Otherwise, the meat will harden or become burnt. The pork must be roasted until ripe enough to be eaten. Beef should not be roasted until full cooked, otherwise the meat will be damaged. When clam and fillet are roasted, it is better to pack them with tin foil, so that it is not easy to scorch fish skin, and also easy to store the soup in seafood.  Barbecue for 2~3 minutes, fish fillet raised, you can eat. Vegetables are best placed in tin foil boxes and roasted in a stewed way. The better the fire, the better.

Although the barbecue meat is delicious, if the barbecue is too coke, it is easy to cause cancer. It is better to wrap it with tin foil when making the barbecue. Once the food is scorched, throw away the burnt part, absolutely not edible.

When the barbecue meat is used, the utensils such as bowls, plates, chopsticks and so on should be separated, so it is best to prepare two sets of tableware to avoid contamination of cooked food.


If the barbecue is too greasy, then choose lean meat and fatty acid fish and vegetables when choosing barbecue materials. L food on a grill, if kept turning over, will not only extend the time of barbecue, but also destroy the protein of food, causing the meat to harden. But if it does not turn over, it will be baked, so it should be turned in time. It is best to use long chopsticks when turning over, not using hands to prevent scalding.

The longer the time of barbecue, the greater the loss of water and fat.  Therefore, in the process of barbecue, some barbecue sauce should be painted on the food to keep the moisture content of the food, but be careful not to brush too much at once so as not to cause the food to be too salty. L different barbecue sauce is suitable for different foods. Sweet sauce is suitable for squid, cuttlefish, tomato sauce for potato chips, and carrots for lots of list - flavored foods.

When adding carbon, it is important to wait until the newly added carbon is completely burned before barbecue, because carbon is prone to produce harmful gas when it is not completely burned, which is not conducive to health.

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