Tips for barbecues

- Jan 09, 2019-

1. Outdoor barbecue is best to be carried out together with fishing, hiking, cycling, bird watching, star watching and other activities, which will be more fun.

2. Hammocks are a good idea, especially for small children. If the conditions with a mat, sitting and sleeping are very comfortable, outdoor goods stores available.

3. Bring some wet wipes and tissues and paper cups. Take plenty of drinking water.

4. It is necessary to bring burn medicine. 

5. Since it is a barbecue, clothing to meet the outdoor environment, wear casual. Had better not wear leather shoes, also do not wear chemical fiber clothing, the spark that jumps out can burn a hole very easily chemical fiber clothing.

6. Keep away from flammable objects and do not keep fires in dry lawns or woods. It is also necessary to carry a fire extinguisher so that the fire can be contained in the first place.




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