What should the first barbecue pay attention to?

- Jun 13, 2018-

First of all, we must pay attention to food hygiene, do not eat baked food. The cooked food is very hot and careful when you eat. Baked food, especially meat, is harmful to people's health. Don't eat it. Second, when adding carbon, it is important to wait until the newly added carbon is completely burned before barbecue, because carbon is prone to produce harmful gas when it is not completely burned, which is not conducive to health. Third, the use of oil is very important during the barbecue process. First, do not hurry to brush the meat on the roasted meat. Other food can be baked when the oil is used. Do not brush too much oil. 


After washing, do not dripping oil as the standard. During the roasting process, try to avoid oil dropping in the barbecue oven. Fourth, when roasting, you should be diligent to turn over and prevent baking. It is best to use long chopsticks when turning over, not using hands to prevent scalding. We should pay attention to the food that is baked quickly and prevent the contamination of cooked food.

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