Barbecue Grill Buying Guide

- Feb 18, 2019-

Barbecue grill buying guide

How could we choose a suitable barbecue grill?

We may consider below points:

1.Super Portable, Automatic Folding.

2.Charcoal board and the ash plate adopt detachable design.

3.The steel plate has not changed. during the 36 consecutive hours of barbecue.

4.Edges of each steel plate are rounded to protect hands.

5.National standard stainless steel, and food grade white steel grilling net.

6.No chemical Spray Coating, No Derivative Toxicity.


1. Full welding for 4 corners of the furnace border, sanding treatment for three times, four corners on the side are dealt with spot welding and lighting.
2. The edge of the steel plate is polished carefully.


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