Barbecue Tools

- Dec 13, 2018-

Barbecue tools


There are many barbecue tools according to the different methods, open fire roast, charcoal roast, oven roast, clay roast, bamboo roast, iron pan roast, SLATE burn, stone rice is the category of barbecue.

Some wilderness survival books often talk about this method of baking, in fact, this method is not recommended, for ordinary people open fire barbecue should not master the fire, and open fire barbecue is more likely to produce harmful substances to the human body. 

At the same time, campfires in the wild are more harmful to the environment and very unsafe. It is recommended not to try open fire barbecue. Compared with several barbecue methods only charcoal barbecue is convenient, easy to control, the damage to the environment is the least, the types of food can be grilled the most abundant, it is recommended that everyone barbecue with charcoal.

Charcoal barbecue tools are barbecue oven, carbon, drill, knife, fish clips, toothpicks and so on.