BBQ For Party, Family Members, Friends Bu Using QCSEIKO Barbecue Grill

- Sep 25, 2018-

What should we prepare before the barbecue?

First, tools.

charcoal, portable folding bbq grill(eg: QCSEIKO easy clean barbecue grill, it is super light and after folding, it saves a lot of room and time), carbon sandwiched, skewers, grills, food tong, fan, brush, seasoning box, knife, plate, chopsticks, paper towel, paper cup, garbage bag.

barbecue grillB612Kaji_20180913_134108_574.jpg

Then, food materials.

Many kinds of meat, vegetables, fruits, and some others you like.

barbecue grillB612Kaji_20180913_171804_488 - 副本.jpg

Last, other tools.

Tent, hammock, picnic mat.


After the barbecue, just set up the QCSEIKO bbq grill into every piece, and then, use brush to clean, it is very easy-cleaning and super light(The furnace body is white stainless steel, the grill net is food grade 304 stainless steel). 

If you have need of this, pls kindly contact us, we are China portable barbecue grill factory. Welcome to your consulting!