Fantastic Barbecue With QCSEIKO Barbecue Grill

- Nov 12, 2018-

Fantastic barbecue with QCSEIKO barbecue grill


◆ Even at home, if you do not want to go outside, just make a simple barbecue at home. 

◆ First, prepare the barbecue grill, put some charcoal in it. 

◆ Then, put the food materials on the barbecue grill when the charcoal is ready. (QCSEIKO foldable barbecue grill uses food grade 304 grilling net and it has no harm to human body.)

◆ Do not forget to put some flavour when barbecuing. 


◆ After the barbecue, you could put out the charcoal when they get cold. (There is an ash board under the barbecue grill and the ash will not fall on the table. This is the video link of the ash board: 

◆ Then you could set apart the barbecue grill and clean every piece of it: