How To Choose Place For A Outdoor Barbecue?

- Aug 15, 2018-

1.    Be careful of fire

2.    To prevent burns

3.    Food safety and hygiene

4.    For indoor use, it is recommended to use smokeless charcoal

5.    No Chemical Spray Coating on steel plate and grill. It is normal to change color and turn yellow or black after use. Please rest assured to use.



1.  Do not barbecue in forest areas or nature reserves where the fire is prohibited

2.  Choose "clean" areas with no flammable materials such as firewood, straw or leavesIt's better to have water nearby.

3.  When choosing food materials, pay attention to the preservation time of food materials, do not eat spoiled food.

4.  Keep the oven fixed during the barbecue to prevent scalding caused by dumping. Don't play in the barbecue area. Keep some anti-scald drugs with you.