How To Make Roast Squid With Chives

- Oct 16, 2018-

How to make roast squid with chives



Fresh squid 2 strips, roast meat sauce, cooking wine, satay sauce and sugar.

Method of making:

1. Cut the squid in two halves with the head, cut the film with the blade, and cut the small sections every 10 cm.

2. Wash the scallion and cut it into 5cm long pieces. Cut each piece of squid into 3 pieces with a bamboo stick. Add the scallion pieces in the middle of each piece.

3. Mix the barbecue sauce, cooking wine, satay sauce and sugar with a little water and brush the squid evenly. Put it on the grill and bake in the oven.

The characteristics:

Bright red color, strong fragrance.

Cooking recipe:

The cutting edge is cut across the squid plate to prevent shrinkage. As it is fresh and ripe, it should not be roasted for a long time to prevent moisture from evaporating and hardening.