How To Use The Barbecue Grill?

- Aug 13, 2018-

 Method of unfolding

     1.    Protect both sides of the furnace with both hands, and the part of the mesh hole is upward

2.    Both hands loosen the lower part of the furnace body, and the furnace body naturally falls and expands

3.    Fix the oven and place the barbecue net


Method of using

1.     Control both sides of the handle with the finger at the same time, adjust the height of the carbon plate, and control the temperature of the carbon baking conveniently. Adjust the height of the carbon plate when fuel is burned in the furnace, Please wear insulated gloves to prevent burns.

2.     After fixing the height of the charcoal plate, put the charcoal fire and set up the barbecue net. Steel plate in contact with supporting surface at bottom of ovenwhen using a charcoal fireat the bottom of the steel plate edge, the temperature is about 190 .


Method of folding:

1.    Keep your hands on both sides of the furnace

2.    Turn the furnace 180 degreesIf it gets stuck, please shake it left and right

3.    The furnace body naturally folds after 180 degrees of rotation

4.    The barbecue net is put into the folded oven body and the reception is completed