Mini Easy Clean&super Portable Bbq Grill Double Flavoured Beef Skewers With Honey Delicious Meal

- Sep 20, 2018-

Mini easy clean&super portable bbq grill Double flavoured beef skewers with honey delicious meal


200g beef, 7g New Orleans roast, 7g water, 2 tablespoons satay sauce, 1 red pepper, 1/4 onion, a little honey


How to make 

1.Rinse the beef

2.Rinse the beef and cut into 2cm squares

3.Pour equal-weight water into the meat mixture

4.Mix the roasts evenly

5.Take half the pieces of beef and put them in a plastic bag

6.Knead it evenly with your hands so that the meat is wrapped in the sauce

7.Put the other half of the beef into another bag, and add two salsa sauce

8.Knead it evenly with your hands so that the meat is wrapped in the sauce

9.Put the beef in the safe box, in the refrigerator, and let it marinate overnight

10.Cut red pepper into small pieces about the size of beef

11.Onions are also cut into small pieces

12.Cut beef, red pepper and onion into skewers in order

13.String all the meat together

14.Brush the skewer with honey and place it on the easy clean bbq grill

15.After 15.20 minutes, remove the meat skewers together with the durable barbecue grill, brush with honey, turn over and place, and continue to roast for about 15 to 20 minutes