Skewer The Roast Scallion Chicken

- Oct 19, 2018-

Skewer the roast scallion chicken



Chicken 2 pieces, 1 green onion, green pepper, red pepper, barbecue sauce, shaojiu, sugar, soy sauce, pepper each appropriate.

Making method:

1. Wash the chicken and cut it into small cubes; Remove the scallion root wash, cut into sections; Remove the seeds of green and red peppers, wash and cut into small cubes.

2. Put the chicken in a bowl, add the barbecue sauce, shaojiu, soy sauce, sugar, pepper and marinate for 15 minutes.

3, according to the order of the chicken, onion, green pepper, red pepper, with bamboo stick series, in turn, brush marinated sauce evenly in the above, put into the pan in the oven, remove traying to 250 ℃ baking 15 minutes.


Use QCSEIKO barbecue grill, which could be folded and just like a book!


Folding process: