The Tips Of Barbecue(I)

- Oct 07, 2018-

Barbecue food is delicious, especially skewers of lamb, roast meat, roast chicken, and so on. Barbecue seems simple, but there is a lot to learn.

1. Select proper barbecue solder, fork, barbecue net, etc.  solder for grilling is important and should be long and flat. The longer solder bars ensure that the grip is not burned by the coals during grilling.


2. Choose a good grill. When grilling the temperature is quite high, should choose stainless steel furnace to barbecue, such furnace can bear high temperature, and use a long time. For example, QCSEIKO's stainless steel folding grill.


3. Choose durable charcoal. When grilling, especially in the field, charcoal is commonly used, so charcoal should be selected before grilling, and more should be prepared.


4. When grilling, prepare the underfire first. That is, after burning the charcoal, in the bottom layer covered, not smoking better. This preparation work must be done to ensure that the back of the barbecue is normal.