The Tips Of Barbecue(II)

- Oct 07, 2018-

5. Master the heat when grilling. It's important to keep the heat on during grilling. You can't burn the meat too much. You can't just leave it in flames. It's not cooked. The better way is to burn charcoal on one side of the stove and cook the meat on the other. In this way, charcoal can be prepared while grilling, and good charcoal can be added at any time if the fire is weak.

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6. Roast according to the heat to turn the meat in time. If the fire is strong, turn the roast regularly to keep the meat from searing.


7. Care should be taken when grilling. Barbecuing too early or too late is not a good idea, so try sprinkling your food with cumin, salt, chili, and other spices until it's about 70 to 80 percent cooked. This material can be cooked, better to eat, more flavorful.


8. Look at the color of the food and determine when it is cooked. When food, especially meat, is cooked through, the surface is usually caramelized, so the food can be picked up and eaten. Slightly red with pepper flakes.