What Fuels Could QCSEIKO Super Light Barbecue Grill Use?

- Sep 27, 2018-


A lot of our customers always ask what kind of charcoal could be used in the QCSEIKO barbecue grill.

There are two cases:

If you are at home, you could place the grill under the range hood for grilling. Just use charcoal as a fuel is ok.

If you are outdoor, you could pick up some branches, dried firewood, or you could use an alcohol block, charcoal to have the barbecue.


Features of the super light barbecue grill

【Super light】: Total weight is only 1.15kg, just use one hand to carry.

【Super portable】: Folding within one second.

【Easy clean】: After the barbecue, set it apart and use the brush to clean.

【Safe】: The grill has a round corner, and it will not hurt hands.