Where Could We Use The QCSEIKO Barbecue Grill?

- Sep 12, 2018-

For QCSEIKO barbecue grill, you could carry it everywhere.


Quality guarantee: 3 years

Convenient to carry, easy for storage, save space.


1.  What fuel do I use in QCSEICO?

Charcoal, wood, wood chips, or briquette. Adjust the amount of fuel or the distance between the grate and fuel source, for higher or lower temperatures.

Use charcoal for a great tasting reward!

2. How do I add charcoal?

Carefully take away the grate and add charcoal directly to the charcoal tray.


3.  How long will QCSEICO last?

QCSEICO are made of strong stainless steel and will provide years of great grilling with moderate care and proper use. The furnace body is white stainless steel and the grilling net is food grade 304.